The exhibition will feature 5 visual artists each paired with an artist of another discipline, of the artist's choice: a composer, a choreographer, a videographer, a poet, and other disciplines. 

Interdisciplinary creative practice has always been held in high esteem for Marylyn Dintenfass, painter, printmaker and public installation artist. Her vision for this exhibition was to magnify the creative energy generated by artists in their own work through the stimulating vehicle of collaboration. 

COLOR COMPOSITIONS is honored to feature the following collaborators:

Brian Alfred, living and working in Brooklyn, NY, has received numerous awards internationally for a wide array of artistic disciplines. For this exhibition Alfred has created an animated video with an original score by Michael Lovett. Based in London, Lovett has gained acclaim as the founder and front man of the London-based synth pop band NZCA/LINES. Alfred and Lovett recently teamed up for “Creative Conversations” hosted by NYC Plugged.

Stanley Casselman's work embraces random occurrence. He collaborated with poet Ben Keating to create “Theoretical Ink Volume (red lightings sleeping with green lights no stopping in the town).”  Theoretical ink volume refers to the amount of ink that can travel through a screen. The poet asked for a list of raw materials from the artist and pushed the word or phrase through the “poet’s screen," just as the artist pushed paint through his screen. The poem and the painting are one. Like brothers they coexist together or separate sharing the same DNA or raw data.

Color master Marylyn Dintenfass, a painter and public installation artist is collaborating with Andrea Miller a renowned choreographer whose visceral and imaginative work is known to make dancers seem to do the impossible. A potent synergy has developed between the Dintenfass/Miller pairing and has excited both artists. Fabrics printed and painted with imagery of Dintenfass paintings become a new skin for the dancers, the bones and muscles of the sculpture evolving as the embodied movement expands within an immersive environment.

Franklin Evans creates painting installations using the artist’s studio and its creative process as his subject. His collaborating partner, saxophonist and composer Lena Hovanesian has worked with numerous jazz greats in and around NYC, many featured in her 2015 debut album, “irwinorange.” The Evans/Hovanesian piece “processedthoughtscomposedandrethought” is a result of her visit to Evans’ studio to compose a piece during his working process, while Evans simultaneously channeled Hovanesian’s composition into a discrete area of his process.

Joyce Kozloff began her artistic interest in the decorative arts. Her most recent works delve deep into maps and the role of cartography in human knowledge. Kozloff has teamed with composer Carolyn Yarnell,  Yarnell’s “Cradle Song,” the final movement of a four part composition, will accompany Kozloff’s “Rocking the Cradle,” a sculpture painted with a map of Mesopotamia overlaid with a New York Times map of the allied troop movements of the first ten days of the USA invasion of Iraq. The lullaby emanates from the rocking cradle, empty of human life.


curated by Marylyn Dintenfass

September 15, 2018 through October 14, 2018

The Riverside Galleries at Garrison Art Center. Located on the banks of the Hudson River.
23 Garrison’s Landing, Garrison, New York. Steps from the Metro North Hudson Line, Garrison Stop, one hour from Grand Central. Galleries are open Tuesday - Sunday 10 to 5.

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